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The Studio

Inspiration is nice, but things get done with dedication.

Night Shift is not just another video production company. We run a tight ship with a devoted crew at our top-notch studio, located in the heart of Sofia. 

Learn more or less about our team in the section below.

Our Team

Marta Kamenova

General Manager

Don’t be fooled by appearances – Marta looks like she belongs only in front of the camera, not running the show from behind the scenes. And still, beneath the seemingly fragile surface, there is one tough, restless and unbreakable female terminator. She drives her BMW accordingly.

Deyan Panayotov


The silent wizard, who has all the answers – you just have to ask the right question. There is not much with lights and camera that Dido can’t do. And when the video is ready and exported, he just gets on his one of a kind handmade bike and leaves. Probably to the Magical Land of Oz.

Stilyana Ivanova


If style could kill, Stilyana would be in a Tarantino movie. Her attention to detail, both in personal expression and with her camera, are just high-end fashion worthy. We’ve been told that she can rest, at least for a second, but so far there is no evidence for that. And yeah, she loves disco.

Guest Star

Teo Chepilov

Creative Guru

Teo hates writing, probably that’s why he does it so well. He has been making scripts since before there was the equipment needed to shoot them. His background in TV makes him fast and reliable, two qualities that screenwriters are not exactly famous for. His spirit animal is The Orange Tabby Cat.